#TuesdayTally – Week Six

This week was marked by increases all over the board, barring a couple of correspondents who have been imprisoned in the pit while they think about what they did. Let’s see how our team did in Week 6.

As the leagues begin to take shape properly in 2017, the percentage of picks our reporters get right continues to climb as we look to hit that 3-of-4 mark.


Individual Correspondents


Rob still sits atop prediction mountain, but he had a week off with no Week Six games to predict. Poor Grant continues to suffer whilst trying to second guess arguably the most difficult to predict division in Britball and Spoonie (or Matthew to his mom) went on an expletive filled rant at DC Towers about the NFC2 North’s refusal to follow his script. We’ll cut the more colourful first half of a comment that ended with “They’re wrecking me.” It could be said that Will had himself a week, going 3-0, but predicting Shropshire, Chester and Staffordshire to run out winners isn’t the hardest job in Britball.


Call of the Week

There can be only one. As much as the odd smart alec might’ve come out saying they knew it was going to happen all along, the rumours of dwindling numbers and the fact that they were going against a team that hadn’t lost domestically since 2015, Rose’s pick of the London Blitz over the London Warriors was brave to say the least. Well, she knew better than anyone, and that pick keeps her in the DC top three for now!

Premier South - Rose Wilford



Gareth Thomas

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