#TuesdayTally – Week Sixteen

Another crazy week in Britball, with correspondents crossing all available digits and phalanges as they hope to bring home the title belt, or just to avoid being dropped into the pit that our editor has started to mention over the past couple of weeks.

Nothing changes overall. We’re still hitting on four in five predictions.




It’s nailbiting now. Fresh off taking the lead in week fifteen, Will was let down by the Staffordshire Surge’s loss to the Lincolnshire Bombers, which sees his lead over Rose (who has Warriors-Blitz to predict next) drop to less than a single percentage point with no more games to predict. Grant‘s struggle is over, and he ended on a high, going 100% correct on a week with more than one game for the first time since week eight (more on that later). He’s currently sat rock bottom by more than ten percentage points, BUT there is hope yet. If Matthew fails to score a correct prediction in the next two weeks of tumultuous NFC2 North play, he will take Grant’s place at the bottom of the pile, and thus last to have access to the DC Tower’s buffet table.

If Rose nails both of her picks in week seventeen, she’ll finish on… 92%… tied with Will. There’s also more. If Oheeul gets all of his remaining picks correct, and Rose fails on both of hers, he’ll pip her to second place. If she fails on just one, then we’re tied at second spot instead.


It’s been a horrid season for him, let’s not beat around the bush. The SFC1 East was won by a division winner with the least wins of any division winner this year (the 6-3-1 London Olympians) and was propped up by the last place finisher with the most wins of any last place finisher (the 3-7 Colchester Gladiators). With their records as they are, the London Olympians wouldn’t have even finished in the top two in any other division in the second tier, and the Colchester Gladiators would’ve been safe from relegation by at least one other team in all other divisions. Last week, a team won the division by losing. It’s been that kind of year for him.

So, we’ll recognise him ending it on a high note. Predicting the 4-5 Cambridgeshire Cats to beat the 5-3-1 Kent Exiles is about as good as it gets this week. Well done, Grant!

SFC1 East - Grant Dean Lawless






Gareth Thomas

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