#TuesdayTally – Week Ten

Week Ten saw a miraculous event occur amongst our prediction team. One that means they all get to eat human food this week. Our correspondents nailed all seventeen games this week for our first 100% correct effort all season.

Thanks to that great week, our overall success rate jumped by two percentage points, bringing us ever closer to that elusive 80%.




When everybody has a spot on week, obviously nothing really changes, but Grant and Matthew will be grateful to see their overall rates rise to 60% for the first time this year. Will and Rose have both still only called one game incorrectly, whereas Rob recovers slightly after going against Sandwell for the first time this year. Hot on the heels of “The Big Three” as they’ve started calling themselves at DC Towers is Stuart, who is the closest to breaking into that elite group thanks to Gateshead’s destruction of Knottingley.


We’re going to throw some love to two of our correspondents this week. The hardest to predict conferences have had two members of our team pulling their hair out all season, so on this blessed week, we’ll take the opportunity to show them some recognition when they contribute to a perfect week. Well done, Matthew and Grant.

NFC2 North - Matthew Davies SFC1 East - Grant Dean Lawless




Gareth Thomas

Gareth has played for the Birmingham Bulls and Sandwell Steelers, and as a frustrated offensive play-maker craves only the sweet rush that comes with interceptions. He joined Double Coverage at the request of Rob Amor and is only here until he's picked up by ESPN or Sports Illustrated.