#TuesdayTally – Week Two

Here at #TeamDC, we know how much the Britball Nation values our *cough* insightful input each week when it comes down to predictions. As a result, from now until the end of the season, we’ll be publishing a weekly update on our prediction success both as a collective and broken down individually for each correspondent.

It’s still early doors, having seen just two weeks of action thus far, so the numbers will fluctuate A LOT over the next few weeks. That said, as it stands, #TeamDC currently owns a poor success rate of 66.67% through Week Two.

#TeamDC Overall

Tally Week Two

Individual Correspondents

Correspondent Week Two

Poor Nathan. Rightly celebrated for his 100% success rate during the 2016/17 BUCS season, the NFC1 North correspondent falls at the first hurdle at his attempt to win the inaugural ‘Nathan Sharrocks Predictor of the Year’ trophy*, awarded to the BAFA National Leagues correspondent(s) who correctly predict every single one of their games. A similar fate has befallen Oheeul following the tie between Edinburgh and East Kilbride. Had the Pirates nailed the last second PAT, he’d be sitting pretty on a perfect one from one.

We do have four correspondents correctly predicting all their games so far, though. Rose (one game), Rob (two), Matthew (one), Will (three) and James (four) all own perfect records.

JJ has been picked on a little for picking against the Cheetahs on two occasions, only for them to rack up two 50-burger wins. However, he did also correctly call the upset win for Portsmouth Dreadnoughts over Bournemouth Bobcats. Fire a thousand bullets…

*trophy doesn’t exist, and never will.



Rob Amor

Rob somehow fits Britball around a hectic life of work, newborns, and rare, blissful, moments of quiet in which to nap. Rob stepped down from the Birmingham Bulls committee at the end of 2016 and walked away after 10 years at the club. He leads DC's Adult league coverage and dabbles in a bit of BUCS. Follow him on Twitter - @RobAmorDC