U17 | Week Eleven Preview

Just the one tournament for the Under 17s this weekend, but boy does it include some crucial fixtures as the South East conference remains the only group of contenders with more than one tournament to play out heading into this weekend.

South East

The Colchester Gladiators play host this weekend, and with half their balling still ahead of them are not out of the running just yet!

They may have started their season in disappointing fashion, forced to forfeit their first three fixtures, but were highly competitive in their second batch of outings – picking up their first win of the year and running the steadily-improving Kent Exiles Outlaws close.

Image courtesy of Kent Exiles
Image courtesy of Kent Exiles.co.uk

Indeed, this Saturday is crunch time for the Outlaws, who followed a frustrating 1-2 first tournament by taking five wins and a tie from their most recent six forays. They wrap up their regular season and will be eager to gain ground on their likes of the East Kent Mavericks and overtake the Essex Spartans – both of whom they’ll conveniently go head to head against on Saturday.

Perhaps the match up to watch out for therefore will be when the Spartans and Outlaws clash – the two sides held one another to a stalemate when they last met, neither able to gain the upper hand, time expiring on a 6-6 tie. Still, with only two guaranteed postseason slots in each conference, expect both sides to go all out to grab an edge over the other here.

Meanwhile, the top dogs looming over this tournament, and indeed their South Eastern conference in general, are the exceptional East Kent Mavericks who’ve looked a clear cut above almost all of their opponents so far this season!

Photography by Ken Matcham, check him out at: kenmatcham.com/ Shared via Facebook.com/East.Kent.Mavericks
Photography by Ken Matcham, check him out at: kenmatcham.com/
Shared via Facebook.com/East.Kent.Mavericks

Through five wins and a walkover they’ve had four massive blow out victories and four defensive shut outs! Indeed, only the Essex Spartans seems vaguely capable of slowing down the Mavericks so far this summer – will the Maverick’s momentum continue into this weekend’s fixtures?  Were the Mavs to win out and see other results go their way? The conference crown could yet be sealed up with a tournament to spare this weekend!

15/07/17 Fixtures:
  • Colchester Gladiators v East Kent Mavericks
  • Colchester Gladiators v Kent Exiles Outlaws
  • Colchester Gladiators v Essex Spartans
  • East Kent Mavericks v Kent Exiles Outlaws
  • East Kent Mavericks v Essex Spartans
  • Kent Exiles Outlaws v Essex Spartans




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