UKGM Break Potential Women’s Britball Scandal

Before we get into this it’s important to stress that so far neither BAFA Women’s Football, the Great British Lions Women organisation, nor their coaching staff, have had any opportunity to share any comment on this story.

The information shared via UK Gridiron memes represents only one side of a story. In many cases, in DC’s experience, there are actually very reasonable explanations to many of these situations, and it’s simply a matter of the right people sharing the right information for everything to fall into place.

That said, UKGM and their sources felt the situation was serious enough to warrant going live with their post outlining a number of potentially serious concerns regarding the state of the GB Lions Women’s roster of players and coaches.

DC have reached out to GB Lions Women’s Head Coach, Jim Messenger, BAFA Women’s Football and the GB Lions’ media team for comment. The organisations are currently coordinating with the NGB as to how best to respond to the situation.

From DC’s perspective, we were aware of some of the concerns and situations raised within UKGM’s post, but contrary to the beliefs of some, DC makes a concerted effort to ensure any breaking stories we share are supported by the evidence before we release them. When these potential concerns were raised with us, we did not feel they were sufficiently supported to publish without further investigation – and to date we haven’t had the opportunity to look into them further. While we want to provide Britball with the best and most comprehensive coverage of our game, our resources are exceedingly limited.

UKGM serve a role of both promoting and criticising our game and are sharing the information they have gathered because they believe, rightly or wrongly, it’s in the best interest of the game for these concerns to be raised with the Britball community.

That said, let’s take a look at the post itself:

DC have also contacted UKGM for further comment on their post and will obviously be sharing updates on this situation as it progresses.

If you have thoughts or information relating to the situation you wish to share, you can always get in touch with DC via our Facebook page.




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