UKGM liaising with ‘mainstream outlet’ on GB Lions Women’s claims

**Disclaimer: On Tuesday 6 June the anonymous Facebook site UK Gridiron Memes shared a post making a number of allegations relating to the GB Lions women’s roster and particularly its coaching staff. While they may have been shared with the best of intentions, it is important to remember when considering these allegations both the potentially extremely serious nature of them, and also that so far we have only heard one ‘side’ of the story and limited evidence to support many of the claims. We at DC would urge the Britball Nation to show patience and understanding when considering these matters that have already caused considerable upset to many members of the Nation both directly involved in the situation, and those impacted by it.**

Normally the home of humorous and critical jibes at our sport and community, earlier this week UK Gridiron Memes dropped a bombshell when they shared allegations asserting inappropriate situations and actions within the GB Lions Women’s National Programme, shared with them by an ‘unnamed whistleblower’.

Unsurprisingly, considering the serious nature of the allegations, there has been a wide range of reactions within the community – from disbelief, to disgust, calls for dismissals, to claims of defamation.

What we do know is that the the British American Football Association are aware of the claims, and are in the process of reviewing them before making further comments.

A further development came on Wednesday, when UKGM announced they had been contacted by a ‘number of media outlets’ interested in potentially also covering the story, and that one such as-yet-unnamed outlet has been selected to potentially continue coverage of the situation.

Per UK Gridiron Memes:

There has been some speculation as to whether, having dabbled in some investigative pieces in the past when the British American Football community appeared at risk of being misled or taken advantage of, might also be digging further into this situation.

We can therefore explicitly state that, due to the highly sensitive nature of the situation, with potentially significant ramifications to many members of the community, DC lacks the experience and resources to do anything more than provide coverage of any developments of this ongoing situation.

We would therefore urge those with knowledge of the situation they wish to share to contact the British American Football Association through the appropriate channels, or UKGM directly.

It’s important to remember at this time, that aside from anything else -all the clamour and uproar – that the Lions were in the midst of preparing for their greatest challenge to date – heading to British Columbia to take on the best programmes in the world. It’s important in times of difficulties that we as a Nation, be that Britain or Britball, pull together and remember that which brings us together.

Therefore, whatever the outcome of this arising situation may be, there is a talented and hard working group of ballers who will need your support and appreciation now as much as ever before. #WeAreGB

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