Under19s | Northern Trophy Final – Highland Wildcats vs Merseyside Nighthawks

With the London Warriors forfeiting the Southern Trophy due to a lack of available players, the Solent Seahawks hoist the honours uncontested. However, in the North, we’ll see two teams go head to head for the second time this season – each eager to dig their claws into some silverware!

Highland Wildcats vs Merseyside Nighthawks

By Bruin White

Merseyside’s U19 team will appear in their first ever postseason game this weekend, making the long haul to the Wildcats’ facility for the inaugural Northern Trophy final game.

The Wildcats had met Merseyside at a neutral venue for their opening game of the season, beating them 28-8. However, past performance is not indicative of future results and it would be unfair to rule out the Nighthawks’ balanced offence from causing an upset on Scottish soil – weapons including Jacob Diaba and Jensen Fairhurst will be causing disruption all day Sunday. Merseyside HC Rich Merrick states that “We [the Nighthawks] enjoy being the underdogs and will take our shots”.

Defending Northern Trophy Champion Wildcats should not be underestimated on their home turf, either. Despite not winning a game ‘on the field’ since their season opener with the Nighthawks nearly three months ago, a close call with East Kilbride can only suggest what the team is capable of doing.

Our team will be going all out in front of the home crowd” tells Robbie Paulin, GM for the Wildcats. “For some it will be their last ever game, so they are determined to prove themselves and go out with a bang.”

For what is set to be an exciting rematch between two competent football teams, the Wildcats have made a spirited effort to put on a show for both the home crowd and visitor alike – a hired DJ, as well as a singer to perform the national anthem, are amongst the supplementary entertainment installations in place for this Sunday at Bucht Stadium in Inverness.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1