#Uniball | A Look at logos, with Pete Laird – Part Five

A look at Logos returns this week, as today Coach Laird casts a particularly critical eye on those programmes he feels simply didn’t put the effort in.

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Part Five – Clearly did their homework on the bus to school

A section of logo’s that have been put together in the same way any conscientious student prepares for any assignment hand in. By pulling an all nighter in the university library, fuelled on vending machine snacks and Red Bull, travelling more in hope than expectation.

Durham Saints
Durham Saints

‘Guys we need to hand in our logo homework for tomorrow! ‘

‘Bugger it, just use the letter D to, you know, symbolise Durham. But make it look real classy and old n’stuff by using Old English Text on Microsoft Word…… ‘

Bonus points for adding a halo.

Imperial Immortals

Have you ever wondered what the secret love child of Darth Vadar and a horse would look like? Wonder no more! But then ask yourself: How would you draw an immortal?

Rumour has it that Imperial were refused permission to use the nickname Stormtroopers. A shame, but probably the right decision in the grander scheme of things.

Newcastle Raiders, Northumbria Mustangs
Newcastle Raiders, Northumbria Mustangs


Literally zero effort lads. At least Newcastle used two letters. Both of these still put in more effort than….

Oxford Lancers

Dear Oxford. Are you aware you have a big zero on your helmet?

Brighton Tsunami/Panthers

I don’t envy whoever had to design the previous Tsunami logo. I mean the commission must have been something along the lines off: We’d like you to draw a wave. And if you could avoid surfers and broken nuclear power reactors that’d be a bonus. Just try not to make it look like a birds head.

Brighton obviously got a memo from the Student Association (something less catastrophic please!) and return this September as the Panthers. I’m guessing they don’t do graphic design at Brighton because someone went straight for a monochrome stock image which features a disinterested cat.

Kent Falcons

I’m not sure this looks like a falcon. Possibly a wasp? A parrot? Is it just the head? Or is it swooping? Guessing this must be a ‘bird thing’ (see also Solent Redhawks).

Solent Redhawks

I could be a little cruel here.

Instead I turned it into a hat.

Solent smiley

Lincoln Colonials

What the actual?!? Colonials right? Like pilgrims? Australia? America?

Lincoln, change your logo or change your name. There might be an explanation to this, but we’re clearly missing it.

Northampton Nemesis, BNU Buccaneers, Bournemouth Bobcats, Brunel Burners
Northampton Nemesis, BNU Buccaneers, Bournemouth Bobcats, Brunel Burners

These four are all much the same. Capitalise a letter. Choose an interesting font, then window dress it and hope nobody notices how uninspired they are. Nemesis get credit for the dagger like lettering, BNU for the clipart blades, Bournemouth for claw marks. Brunel’s looks like a private school badge on the blazer of the posh kid up the road whose lunch money you used to nick.

Greenwich Mariners
Greenwich Mariners

I could have been tempted to score this higher but the capitalised G brings it back to the middle of the pack. The nautical theme makes sense (better than a clock after all) but anchors are heavy stationary things so probably not a good association to make.

Paisley Pyros

Once known as the Paisley Panthers, I sympathise with anyone who has to draw fire for the UWS moniker. Or an arsonist. The Pyro’s have gone for a drifty, smoke effect that gives you the impression of a sideways jellyfish.

The biggest problem here? When you invert the logo to the other side of the helmet, it doesn’t work. You can’t flip the P and therefore the smoke/jellyfish would have to come from the front side.

The solution for the Pyros’, if they ever got enough printed to use, would be to place on only one side a la Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chichester Spitfires

Chichester have a relatively cool nickname. An aerodynamically, stylistically beautiful death machine.

What they don’t have is a decent logo.

And whilst the monogram appears to be their official logo I can’t let this article pass without a homage to this hand drawn logo that appears on their word press page.

And we’re almost there!

Only a single section of logo assessment left… And the last one looks like it might even be pretty positive!




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