#Uniball | A Look at logos, with Pete Laird – Part Four

Part Four is upon us, and Coach Laird is going a bit ‘Furry’ – taking a long hard look at those programmes who rep an animal Moniker… and yet almost straight across the board haven’t bothered to recruit mascots. For shame.

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Part Four: Wonky Animals

You may remember at school when your teacher couldn’t be bothered anymore and just used to make you draw things to kill half an hour? Bunsen burners, volcanos, crop rotation in the 18th century….

Well imagine that, but only with animals. And a lot of them.


Take a standard clip art Cougar, then ask your baby brother to copy it.

And what’s with the big C and S bookends?

Glasgow Tigers

An idea for another article is how certain teams came to choose their nickname.

Some make geographic sense, some are associated with the university emblem…

But in the case of Glasgow, who renamed themselves the Tigers in their second year of existence, after being previously called the Grizzlies, they associated themselves with the university colour scheme.

And let’s face it, Black and Gold is a pretty cool combo to play around with. The Tigers have never really committed to this logo, and it’s rare you’ll see it on decals. The main gripe here is the Tiger head goes from high to low, as opposed to the graphically stronger and faster low to high, which gives the Tiger a kind of Bruce Forsyth (RIP) jawline.

Warwick Wolves

I used to have a pet dog when I was a kid. If I was to draw it, this is what it would have looked like.

A small child drawing a pet dog.

Leicester Longhorns

Before single institution rules, the combined Leicester team was known as the Lemmings. I don’t think it ever had a logo, but it would probably have been less dull than this Texas inspired cow. Note the blunt horns.

RHUL Bears

If you’ve ever been stuck with me on a bus to an away game you will know that conversation usually turns to “What is the hardest animal in the world? Over two legs, Home and Away, away goals count double”.

The answer is off course, the Polar Bear. (The Great White Shark is terrible on land, and a Honey Badger can’t cope with either cold or water, before you get started), so plaudits to RHUL for thus far avoiding the newer university appropriated Bear emblem, that looks like it was generated using 1980’s style BASIC computer coding, and rather sticking with the older logo. With a Football in its paw.

The issue here is, it’s just too long and needs to be made a bit more compact to look appropriately vicious for World’s Hardest Animal.

Killer bees
Bath Killer Bees

I was tempted to upgrade this one a little. The Bee looks both angry and fun (a bit like a girl I dated once) but it doesn’t quite say ‘Killer’ to me. A lack of stripes and what looks like the letter D in the negative space (told you I had an Art Higher) seems more like a missed opportunity. It also look like Gru’s dog, Kyle, from the Despicable Me films.

Southampton Stags

The Stag here isn’t actually that bad. It’s sloped, it’s shaded, and pointy in all the right bits. Unfortunately it seems to have lost some of its shine after Southampton had a colour pallette change.


I think there was a glut at the logo factory, on quirky, angry looking birds. Their third logo in ten years of existence, the latter ones replaced a full body shot of a bird carrying football that I actually think worked better.

Also, what is it with these animals carrying footballs? And where do they find them? Is this why the ball bag always seems lighter at the end of the season?


Bath Spa have yet to apply their logo to their helmet and for now I think that’s probably a good thing. As a Scotsman, I don’t really buy into the whole Bulldog spirit. But I surely can’t be the only one who thinks this one is a bit ‘Britain First’? (Eds: Ouch.)

QMBL Vipers

I have no comment other than to note there is a Q in there somewhere. I feel like this snake is more likely to lick you to death than bite you. The shape of it makes me think of something like a Sabretooth Kangaroo-rat out of the Ice Age franchise.

ARU Rhinos

I’d like to see this one when it’s finished (rumour has it it’s been sent back to get reprinted). (Eds: Ouch, again.) A rhino has potential right? Yet to make it into decal form, the current badge has lettering and a coy looking Rhino peeking over the top hoping not to get shot. Why is this rhino so shy? Is he wearing the wrong jersey too and not allowed out to play?

Cheeky little horn added on the capital R. I see what you did there.

Cougars 2

This little clip art kitty has done the rounds!

The Coventry Cougars flag team use this exact same logo, and in a fetching flourescent pink for the National Champion Ladies’ team.

Ultimately we have the letter C in university colours framing a cat. The cat looks to have had its eyes gouged out. The cat also needs to trim its whiskers. Which it probably can’t do without eyes, poor little fella.


It’s a fish. A nasty looking fish I’ll grant you, but it’s still a fish. There has also only ever been one of its kind caught in the UK, so it’s not even a British fish. Good work on the teeth, but at the end of the day… it’s a fish.

City Wolfpack
City Sentinels/Wolfpack

Another summer rebrand, City went from a futuristic bad-ass Guardian of the Galaxy Sentinel dude, to what I can only assume is an interpretation of a naked Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

York St John Jaguars

Late contenders to the pack as they enter their first BUCS season, YSJ have adopted a Big Cat nickname. This Jag however, seems particularly disinterested in the world (if you imagine it yawning, you’ll get what I mean), the sideways look in its eye giving it the look of an adolescent teenager woken from his slumber to clean up the sticky sock from under his bed. This may also explain the dappling.

The tilt of an animal head logo is everything, and a variant on the image (on the right) shows it slightly more active, if just as tired.

(Eds: Now, I admit, I dropped out of AS Level Art in the first week… But you’ve lost me.)



That’s our animal round up! Do you agree with Coach Laird’s critques?

Check in again tomorrow for those programmes our savage Scot feels mailed it in when it came to designing their beloved teams visual representation.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1