#Uniball | A Look at Logos, with Pete Laird – Part Seven

A look at Logos returns for its final (probably) foray into the realm of Uniball Logos, and in this instalment Coach Laird spares a thought for those programmes with logos that are currently MIA:

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Absent From Class. Needs a note from home

It’s not just the NFL who can suck the fun out of Football. Some of our Sports Unions like to revel in their uniform anonymity. Not only have they required the use of the soulless SU emblems but in some case the loss of much loved nicknames.

So here’s to you:

Loughborough Students née Aces

Probably the only team with a coffee bean now embedded in their logo. We miss the old taxi firm sponsored Aces.

University of Nottingham, née Nottingham Outlaws

The Outlaws was a great handle. And whilst the bland initial was livened up with an arrow Nottingham lost their flash of individuality to a shield. With some stripes. And a tower. If you squint your eyes it kind of looks like a one eyed masked bandit. Sort of.

Leeds Gryphons, née Celtics

Leeds released a fluffy PR statement all about reinventing themselves, working with their union and the university to ‘produce a strategic plan’ to ‘fully integrate into the Leeds Sport brand’. In return they get to call themselves Gryphons and killed off one of the best nicknames and logos in uniball. What they haven’t explained is why the deliberate non-traditional spelling of Griffin? Not a fan of this hieroglyphic (hierogryphoc ?) version of the symbol but at least they put a hidden G in the tail.

Birmingham Lions

Brum had the future sense to adopt the lion from the university’s crest which saved everyone a lot of time and bother. Recent mastheads seem to have a sneaky little hint to their former Lions Logo, still used elsewhere in the Lions’ wider programme, looking over the corner as if to say: we’d prefer this version, but we’re stuck with the other one.

No crest, no nickname, no logo. About as soulless as you can get. We can only hope our DC inspired Hawooo theme catches on. (Hawooooo Wolves? Building on their close links with the Edinburgh senior programme?)

Leeds Beckett Carnegie

Because nothing says football like flowers, Leeds Beckett/Carnegie/Metropolitan had a logo change this summer to celebrate their arrival in the Premier division. To be fair Beckett/Carnegie/Met have had so many name changes it may be wiser to keep their helmets blank. They have instead gone for the lettering monogram, utilising the C for Carnegie which in fact is only the name of their sports faculty building. I can see the trend now: the Birmingham Nanotechnology Laboratories, the Newcastle Student Unions, and the Loughborough Gym Hall 2’s.

MMU Eagles

MMU have a nickname, and a non-wonky animal moniker… but still ended up with the 1970’s SU crest on their helmets, which seems to incorporate the recycling logo.

Essex Blades

It’s a good coat of arms I’ll give you that. But otherwise it’s the symbol of literally every team in Essex

Honourable mention: LJMU Fury

After DC teased them for years about the Nick Fury related moniker, they embraced our comic design and then went full comic book. It’s not quite made the jump to the helmets yet but we wait in anticipation.


Have we missed any of your favourites? Feel free to share in our comments section below.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1