#Uniball | A Look at logos, with Pete Laird – Part Three

In Part Three of his deep dive into the world of Uniball Logos, Coach Laird looks at a selection of programmes who have taken historical inspiration for their moniker and badge. 

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It’s Art Homework not History, Dummy!

I’d be generous in saying some of our logos are a little light on their historical accuracy and a little generous on their X Box interpretations of graphics.

Chester Legion
Chester Legion

Chester are newbies to Uniball so it would be harsh to exclude them for their lack of decals as yet. The icons certainly look menacing, those zombie-like eyes poking out from the 300 inspired helmet… But it’s hard to represent a collective noun with three of anything, and once you start thinking of them as paintbrushes it totally ruins the effect. Bonus points for the lettering though!

Gloucestershire Gladiators

And while we’re at it…..this logo has also never made it to a helmet. It’s pretty complex and would be tough to work into a decal. But some of these artists really need to check up on their history.

LSBU Spartans


London South Banks logo takes a jaunty hatted Spartan and places him atop a CND symbol. Why? I have absolutely no idea….

UEL Titans

UEL’s previous logo that seemed to have been more akin to Final Fantasy IV than the ancient demi gods of yore. And is that smoke coming out his head? Two swords though. Must be a baller.

The Titan moniker got dumped this summer for a new tag of Phoenix, though the only artwork to appear to date is a Game of Thrones style sand painting you see on sale at the beach on your holidays. Good luck getting that on a helmet!

EH Vikings
Edge Hill Vikings

Clearly someone is a fan of 2000AD comics. But that lad has got to get his eyebrows sorted.

Sunderland Spartans

I see what they tried here, but it’s just a little fussy. Good attempt at incorporating the name, but the UoS looks like an afterthought, and the Spartan?..….well the Spartan just looks a bit wonky to me and once you start thinking it’s looking right to left it starts to mess with your visual perception.

Sussex Saxons
Sussex Saxons

This logo looks like it took ages to do. But it also feels a touch derivative whilst also not really portraying a Saxon in any historical context I’m aware off?

Reading Knights

Clipart at its worst, this Knight is un-charismatic, non-scary, and quite frankly a little bit up itself.