#Uniball | A Look at logos, with Pete Laird – Part Two

In Part Two of his deep dive into the world of Uniball Logos, Coach Laird looks at a selection of programmes who, while unlikely to need to #LawyerUp in the near future, their logo-istic efforts do not live up to the veteran scot’s expectations.

Check out part one.

Part Two: Nice Effort, But Must Try Harder

Some teams have taken available artwork and tried very hard to own it through the use of colour, name trails or even a little personalisation. Ultimately they fall a little flat but at least they tried.

Titans 1280x720 Feature
Swansea Titans

You could spend an entirety on the internet searching for images of Spartans, Romans, Gladiators, Warriors, et al. It’s apparent we like our Classical history in uniball.

Therefore it would be easy to slip into something visually ordinary. So kudos to Swansea for attempting to reinvent a tried and tested name like the Titans and draw it using an etch-a-sketch. Probably want to use proper graphic software next time though?

LA Rams/ UCLan Rams

It doesn’t take David Hockney to see that UClan may have used some tracing paper to form the template of their logo. On the plus side they did throw in a few creative swishes of the brush to try and own it a little.

UEA Pirates

Note to UEA. Polka dots? No.

This would also not look out of place at your local Adventure Island Mini Golf centre.

Exeter Demons

In font this works well. You get the horns without the Satanism. It breaks down however when you isolate it as a helmet logo and you end up with an old fashioned TV aerial.

Tarannau Aber
Tarannau Aberystwyth

Tarannau means Thunder in Welsh. It does not mean Star Trek badge. I guess it is a thundery T (technically it would be lightning) inserted inside a lopsided A. Kinda.

Manchester Tyrants
Manchester Tyrants

An exception to our no decal rule. The Tyrants have channelled their favourite childhood dinosaur movies. They have also channelled Manchester United and added 3 Champions League Stars.

Their monogrammed MT also has the misfortune to look like a Japanese pagoda, making this more Godzilla than Jurassic Park.


The collective Cambridge team was once known as the Cobras so kudos at attempting to hold onto some Britball history. The snake around the official coat of arms is a neat enough idea, it just come across like a house badge for Slytherin.


Not yet appeared on any helmet, this dragon probably looked fearsome at the concept stage, but got toned down by the time it reached logo status with addition of cartoony font. Where’s the fire? Where’s the claws? Where are the dead hobbits?  I want more violence dammit!


We said three parts to this article series right?

Yeah, we didn’t realise Coach Laird had cast his eye over literally every single Uniball Programme’s logo.

Tune in tomorrow for his assessment of Uniball’s historical (in)accuracies!