#Uniball | DC Kits You Out – Lowers

DC has chatted with the #ballers over at EP Sports to bring uniballers and beyond a guide to purchasing their own football equipment ahead of the season kicking off.

We’ve split our guide by each core bit of kit, and also by loose purchasing brackets to help you select the best tools to compete whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or a Rookie still unsure whether Britball is the game for you!

First things first – remember to go like and share our competition post for your chance to win a full free starter set of kit!

If you missed it, go check out our guide to purchasing your arguably #1 piece of equipment (besides bicep bands) – your helmet.

And then we followed this up with our guide to the quintessential piece of football kityour shoulder pads. 

Once your upper half’s protected, you can start thinking about a little bit of swag with some swanky Jersey-matching gloves

And last but by no means least lets take a look at what will be protecting you below the waist!


You’ve got a nice chunk of metal protecting your beautiful face, your noggin’ is wrapped in shock absorbers, those new shoulder are making you look hench as anything, and DAMN Daniel, those pristine white gloves look FINE!

But you might have noticed there’s a whole ‘nother half of your body that’s looking a little sparse in the protection stakes…

Never fear, DC and EP are here to help you learn about protecting your vulnerable areas below the waistline! …No, not that one! We meant your knees and hips! …And that one too.

Two hip pads, a coccyx pad, two thigh pads and two knee pads are absolutely necessary for you to take part in a game – especially early on in the season the Refs literally will not let you on the field if you don’t have the right pads in the right places.

You can purchase leg pad sets that you slot into your game pants or buy an integrated girdle. The integrated girdles come as 3-pad, 5-pad or 7 pad. Or you can purchase a pocketed girdle that you slot your leg pad set into like your game pants.

Pro tip: Integrated girdles are highly recommended. No one wants to spend 30 minutes threading their belt through their leg pads.* 

*Un-pro tip: Thread your belt through your pads and lowers and never unthread it for the entire season. Your team mates may never forgive you for the smell come season end, but you’ll save all kinds of time!


New member of the #BritballNation and not sure American Football’s your jam? Let’s start you out with a few great value options to to protecting those scrawny pins of yours!

Rawlings 3 Piece Integrated Girdle (£14.99):



The hip and coccyx padding is integrated to save time and hassle attaching them to your belt, which is well worth the minimal cost. Thigh and kneepads not included.

Warrior Gauntlet 7 Piece Leg Pad Set (£16.99):


Basic but essential necessity for your first game day – bum, hips, thighs, knees – all taken care of.

Under Armour 6 Pocket Girdle (24.99):


Perfect option for saving time on game day or training – the 6 pockets are for your hips, thighs, tail bone and… frontal region.




You’ve gotten through that rookie year and been bitten by the Britball bug – or perhaps you knew this was the sport from you right from the outset? Either way, these upgrades step up the price a little, but also the quality and comfort offered.

Schutt ProTech All-In-One Girdle (£39.99):


Great value 5 pad girdle.  The slimmed down, lightweight padding gives you much wanted mobility, placing it above other mid-level integrated girdles.

Rawlings All-In-One 5-Pad Girdle (£29.99):


A good entry-level 5-pad girdle. Easy to use, affordable, protects what it needs to protect.

Adams 5 Pad Girdle (£29.99):


Comfortable and convenient integrated girdle. Simples.


You’re set on #Britball4Life and want the best quality kit available. Protect yourself while putting others on their butts and pulling shapes in the end zone as you swag it out in the same gear the pros are stepping out in on Sundays.

McDavid HexPad Thudd Girdle (£59.99):


Mobility’s kinda an important thing in any sport, and is certainly an important factor in choosing a girdle. The HexPad offers minimal restriction to movement, while providing top-level protection due to the flexible Mono-cellular HexPad technology. It has more precise coverage of the padding compared to other girdles and uses comfortable compression material. Knee pads not included.

Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong ¾ Pant (£99.99):


Offers all 7 leg pads built in and great protection – these little babies have got you COVERED!

‘Cept your naughty area and protecting that is your own decision.

Nike Pro Combat Hyperstong Hard Plate Girdle (£79.99):


The hard plate offers extra thigh protection without compromising on comfort.  Knee pads not included.


EP Sports are a British American Football supplier that pride themselves in having the most knowledgeable staff in Europe when it comes to American Football equipment

EP are a company built by #Ballers FOR #Ballers, with their staff having a combined experience of having played and coached football for well over three decades at some of the highest levels in Europe. Joe and his team at EP Sports hold stakes in two Swedish National Championships, one European Champions League win, a Britbowl, a Norwegian National Championship and three UK Divisional Championships.

EP currently offer the largest range of American Football product in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, working with top brands including Nike, Under Armour, Schutt Sports, Rawlings, Adidas, Wilson, Douglas Pads, Cutters Gloves, Shock Doctor, Riddell, Xenith and many others.

Their combination of football experience and years working with top brands allows them to provide customers with the best advice and knowledge on football equipment in the UK. Their aim is to put players and coaches in the best position to win before they step onto the field.





Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1