#Uniball Postseason Seedings and Schedule Announced

Uniball teams and President and Coaches groups have received the following information from BAFA Director of Competitions, Russ Hewitt:


BUCS have given teams until tonight to enter their scores on BUCS Score. (Please be aware they appear to be experiencing some issues with the site at the moment)
But in the mean time, please find below list of playoff Cup rankings for you to read through.

We have the cup competition rankings as follows


Premier Qtr Finals – 5th March 2017

Game A = Stirling (N1) host Bath (S4)
Game B = Birmingham (S2) host Derby (N3)
Game C = Loughborough (N2) host Swansea (S3)
Game D = Herts (S1) host Durham (N4)

Premier Semi Finals – 12th March 2017
Semi Final 1 = Game A winner v Game B winner (highest ranked at Home)
Semi Final 2 = Game C winner v Game D winner (highest ranked at Home)

Premier Final – 26th March 2017 – 4pm KO at Sixways Stadium, Worcester.

Division One

Division 1 Round 1 – 5th March 2017
#1 Nottingham host #8 LJMU
#2 Hallam host #7 UCLAN
#3 Hull host #6 Glasgow
#4 Warwick host #5 Leeds Beck.

#1 Portsmouth host #8 Reading
#2 Cardiff host #7 Cambridge
#3 Imperial host #6 Exeter
#4 Kent host #5 Surrey

Tie Breaker applied for Tier 1A South East
Imperial 6-2 had head to head on both Kent 6-2 & Cambridge 6-2.
And Kent held the second position in conference with a +1pt head to head over Cambridge.

“BUCS have spoken with Kent and Royal Holloway and they played two shortened halves under REG 8.3. and their actions and the written permissions which they produced are valid within the regulation.”
(for the record the scores were 24-0 & 21-12, both wins for Kent)

Tier 1 North & South Semi finals – 12th March
Highest ranked teams at home.

Tier 1 North & South Final – 19th March
Highest ranked team at home

Tier 1 grand final – 26th March – 12 noon KO at Sixways Stadium, Worcester

Division Two

Tier 2 North and South Qtr finals – 5th March 

#1 Napier host #8 Lincoln
#2 Leeds host #7 Heriot Watt
#3 Leicester host #6 Coventry
#4 Bangor host #5 Edinburgh

#1 Canterbury host #8 UCL
#2 Brunel host #7 Bristol
#3 Plymouth host #6 Southampton
#4 Gloucester host #5 QMBL

Tier 2 North & South Semi finals – 12th March
Highest ranked teams at home.

Tier 2 North & South Final – 26th March
Highest ranked team will host at their Home Ground

Best Regards
Russ Hewitt
BAFA Director of Competitions




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1