1A North Correspondent – Pete Laird


Pete Laird

Pete has been involved since Football since the beginning of time. Some say he is older than the wind itself, but like a gridiron Dorian Gray retains the boyish good looks and charm of a young George Clooney in his ER days.

Involved in Football since 1985 he played on the original GB Bulldogs teams of 1993 & 1994 and played in both University & senior leagues as a defensive back.

He has been the Head Coach for 3 university teams, as well as the co-founder and Head Coach of the Edinburgh Wolves senior team. Pete was a coach with the Glasgow University Tigers national title team in 1994 and has coached three different university teams to seven Scottish titles and all three teams to the playoffs (GU Tigers, Strathclyde Hawks, and Edinburgh Napier Knights)

Pete coached with the Lock Haven Bald Eagles of PSAC-Div II on two separate occasions in 1996 & 1998 as a Defensive Back assistant and served as the Defensive Backs coach & the Defensive Coordinator for the Great Britain Bulldogs in 1998 & 2000 before taking a break from the game.

Pete returned in 2002 with the Edinburgh Wolves senior team who he served as Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator before moving entirely to Uniball in 2010

Currently Head Coach of the Edinburgh Napier Knights since 2009 he was recruited to the reformed Great Britain Student Lions under Wayne Hill in 2012 which defeated both Sweden (2013) and Finland (2015) on international tours.

Pete has served as a director of BAFCA on three occasions and works as a lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science at Edinburgh Napier University.

NFL Team

Baltimore Colts probably. Or something even older like the Boston Braves?