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“Deep Dive on Defense- Simulated Pressures and Creepers” with Patrick Toney

On today’s Deep Dive on Defense Series, Patrick Toney, Louisiana Ragin’ Cagins Safeties Coach joins guest host Chris Vasseur to discuss simulated pressures.

Toney covers everything from why they are difficult for an offense to the specifics of beating certain types of protections.

Toney also shares how they teach various techniques and how the sims and creepers can be used in various run game stoppers.

 – Intro
 – Coaching Background
 – Working with Ron Roberts
 – Simulated Pressures/Creepers
 – What makes Simulated Pressures Difficult for an Offense
 – Bluffing
 – When to use Simulated Pressures and Creepers
 – Running in College
 – When to Avoid Simulated Pressures and Creepers
 -The Advanced Tackling System
 – Percentage of Sims and Creepers to the rest of the Defense
 – Playing the Run
 – Pressuring with Safeties
 – Gap Scheme/Power Counter
 – Stopping 10 or 11 Personnel RPOs
 – Beating Pass Protection
 – Beating Big on Big Protections
 – Beating Wide T Protections
 – Pressuring Against Boot
 – How you Install Pressures
 – Teaching Defensive Ends to Drop
 – One Play to Finish a Game. What Do You Call?
 – Outro

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