Way Too Early Predictions – Division One

Britball rejoice! After months of wondering whether we’d see the schedule before the new BAFA National Leagues season came around, we’re now just 11 days away from the big kickoff!

As is now tradition here at DC Towers, we gathered members of #TeamDC around a non-existent table to argue over who’ll win what this season. We’ve taken a look at conference titles, division titles, Britbowl and even threw out some Random predictions. After kicking off our Way Too Early Predictions with Division Two, we now turn our attention to Division One. As always, if you think we’ve got it horribly wrong, shout at us in the comments!

NFC1 North

Edinburgh Wolves clocked up a perfect regular season before defeat to Bury Saints in the Division One final. With the Wolves now promoted to the Premier North, Manchester Titans and Yorkshire Rams – who both ended the regular season with 7-3 records – will reignite their rivalry for control of the conference. They’re joined by the promoted Newcastle Vikings and realigned Doncaster Mustangs.

NFC1 North

The Titans and Rams split their two games in 2016, and are the only sides our writers pick for the NFC1 North crown, with Manchester picking up 11 votes in total. With the Titans having recruited some Premier talent from Lancashire Wolverines, they’re making a concerted effort to gain promotion in 2017.

NFC1 South

Essentially the MFC1 from 2016, the NFC1 South represents a true ‘Midlands’ conference. Joining the Steelers, Bulls and Caesars are Coventry Jets following their relegation from the Premier North and Leicester Falcons who were promoted from Division Two.

NFC1 South

Three seasons in to their young history, Sandwell Steelers are continuing to grow. After a slow start to the last season, a perhaps shock defeat to Doncaster Mustangs, the Steelers found their groove offensively and finished the season 9-1, eventually losing out to Bury Saints in the semi-final. With 7 of 14 votes, #TeamDC consider Sandwell to be strong favourites for their conference crown again. Leicester Falcons, who decimated their opponents in 2016, averaging 49.7 points per game, pick up 6 votes.



Rob Amor

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