We have it! GB Lions Roster versus Sweden – 14.10.17

While there’s been no official word on the make up of the Great British Lions roster, Double Coverage have been able to gain access to a copy – to share it with you, the Great British Britball Nation!

Last we’d heard, BAFA were holding off on sharing with roster with outlets so they could make the announcement themselves, but so far there’s been radio silence on the BAFA website and Facebook page with only some training photo albums, shared below, from the Lions themselves.

And then, with just a couple of days til kick off, a random e-mail arrived in one of our inboxes… and low and behold, what was attached!

As it’s an international friendly, the roster size is up from the 45 man squad we saw at the European Championship Qualifiers last year, to 60, and we’re seeing more programmes than ever before being represented in this match up’s roster.

We’ll get to some analysis shortly, but first up? Here’s the talented guys who made the cut:



Jerome Allen – London Warriors
Callum Davidson –  Sandwell Steelers

Running Backs

Xavier Ajuwon –  London Blitz
Deji Alli – Tamworth Phoenix
Dan Conroy – London Blitz
Tapiwa Munemo –  Filton Academy
Temi Oduyemi –  London Blitz
Glen Toonga –  London Blitz

Wide Receivers

Ben Burslem – Tamworth Phoenix
James Cherry – London Warriors
Alex Eager – Merseyside Nighthawks
William Hussey – Tamworth Phoenix
Charlie Joseph – London Blitz
Stuart Milloy – London Warriors
Sam Rogers – London Blitz
Harry Routledge – Merseyside Nighthawks
David Saul –  Potsdam Royals
Tim Thomas – Helsinki Roosters

Offensive Line

Ben Ashby  – Bristol Aztecs
Victor Bama  – London Warriors
Kevin Keohane  – London Warriors
Thomas Levick –  Tamworth Phoenix
Matt Meyer – London Blitz
Deejay Ogunkolati –  London Blitz
Tom Outhwaite – Farnham Knights
Azmi Sbati – London Blitz
Levi Smith  – Bristol Aztecs
Jozef Tobolkiewicz –  Derby University
Ben Watkins –  London Warriors


Defensive line

Jamie Charles –  London Blitz
Ash Miller – Tamworth Phoenix
Jonny Ridge – La Queue-En-Brie Gladiatuers
Salim Djamal –  London Warriors
Niall Scott-Grant –  Dresden Monarchs
Matthew Sharp –  London Blitz
Will Stone – Tamworth Phoenix
Ronel Thomas –  London Blitz
Steve Wilson – East Kilbride Pirates


James Armah – Bristol Aztecs
Oliver Bishop – London Blitz
Eddie Cheadle – London Blitz
Fab Gargiulo – London Blitz
Alex Haldane – London Warriors
David Izinyon – London Warriors
Alasdir Jarvis – Shropshire Revolution
Ariel Mofondo –  London Warriors
Nelson-Charles Nwufoh –  Tamworth Phoenix
Stuart Robinson  – Jyväskylä Jaguars
Ross Young – Edinburgh Wolves

Defensive Backs

Dotun Ademiju – London Blitz
Josh Amis – London Warriors
Emir Battaloglu – Tamworth Phoenix
Jordon Bolessa – London Hornets
William ‘Kodjo’ Davis – London Blitz
Ashley Hopkinson – Stirling Clansmen
John Kenyon – Potsdam Royals
Sam Obi – London Warriors
Leslie Oluwole-Wilson – London Warriors
Edward Onamade – Bristol Aztecs
Jason Selormey – London Blitz

Roster Analysis

Breakdown by programme:

London Blitz: 16
London Warriors: 15
Tamworth Phoenix: 8
Bristol Aztecs: 4
Merseyside Nighthawks: 3
Potsdam Royals: 2
Derby Braves: 1
East Kilbride Pirates: 1
Edinburgh Wolves: 1
Farnham Knights: 1
Filton Pride: 1
Helsinki Roosters: 1
Jyväskylä Jaguars: 1
La Queue-En-Brie Gladiators: 1
London Hornets: 1
Sandwell Steelers: 1
Shropshire Revolution: 1
Stirling Clansmen: 1
West Chester Golden Rams: 1

London Blitz, the most consistently successful programme in the UK with twelve straight BritBowl appearances still maintain the largest share of the roster, adding two onto their total of 16 players they were represented by during #ECQT2016. However, the Warriors are closing the gap, with 14 players up from 12, and the 2017 National Champions, the Tamworth Phoenix, have snuck up from 6 to 8.

One area of growth is seeing the number of ballers who ply their trade abroad increasing.

From four international ballers versus Russia (three from the Potsdam Royals), this year we see six selectees chosen from international programmes.

The ECQT roster saw all players chosen from British Premiership conferences or abroad, while this expanded roster sees a rare Division Two (admittedly, now Division One) selection with Alasdir Jarvis of the Shropshire Revolution, and and young London Hornets programme getting representation via defensive back Jordon Bolessa.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1