What We Learned – National Leagues Week 2

It’s starting to heat up as more teams of the National Leagues took to the Gridiron in week 2. What did we learn? Also includes a little IAFA invasion…

1. The new teams are a very mixed bunch

The Halton Spartans won their very first competitive game against the Crewe Railroaders. Their #InRichWeTrust campaign, following DC’s own Rich Penwright’s prediction that they could top the NFC 2 West, got off to the perfect start.

The Humber Warhawks not so much. In week 1 they were hammered 54-0 by the Peterborough Saxons. In week 2 they had the chance to regain some pride by taking the Saxons on again, but it didn’t end well. 73-0 with a rolling clock in the second half is a tanking. We’ll be revisiting the new teams again throughout the year..

2. UK and Irish Football is closer than many thought…

Photo by Nathan James Sharrocks
Photo by Nathan James Sharrocks

OK it’s not National Leagues but it was a great game. Sue us. This weekend the Belfast Trojans arrived in Scotland to take on the East Kilbride Pirates in a friendly game, a match-up many had tagged as a walkover in favour of EKP. But it didn’t play out like that. The Irish champions gave an excellent account of themselves, and Irish football in general, ending the game with a 24-14 scoreline, with EKP’s final touchdown scored late in the game as Belfast chased it. It was a great game to watch and we’re hoping for more BAFA-IAFA match ups soon!

3. Scotland is here to compete

So Scottish football has seen the East Kilbride Pirates take centre stage for the last few years, and they’re ready to compete in the Premier North again this year. But it’s not just the Pirates making waves North of the border. Against English teams, the Scottish are 3-0 this year as the Glasgow Tigers defeated the Northumberland Lightning, Edinburgh Wolves toppled the Doncaster Mustangs and Clyde Valley Blackhawks handed a 41-0 drubbing to the Chester Romans, whose namesakes also had problems up North. With West Coast Trojans also looking good early on, it’s something we’ll keep an eye on in the coming weeks.


4. Ouse Valley Eagles don’t give up..

12-0 down in the 4th quarter to a team that are forerunners to take the division, what do you do? Don’t give up! Fair play to Eagles who went 2-0 on the year with an impressive 14-12 victory over the Hertfordshire Cheetahs. The Cheetahs formerly known as Watford will be ruing missed chances to put this game to bed and going 0-1 in a division that has a number of tough games.




Nathan Sharrocks

Joining Double Coverage in early 2011, Nathan was first approached to head NFL writing after establishing NFLDigest but soon became more involved in writing BAFANL articles. As well as working on the National Division predictions and Power Rankings, Nathan writes feature articles and conducts interviews, the highlight of which being his interview with future NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver, Torry Holt. In 2012 Nathan was invited to the IAFA Shamrock Bowl, where he was won over by the people of Irish football. He began to establish the unrivalled IAFL coverage on DC, including the scoring charts, which had never been done before for football in Ireland. Away from Double Coverage, Nathan is the media officer for the Chorley Buccaneers, as well as a supporter of the New England Patriots and Notre Dame Fighting Irish.