What We Learned Week 9

With last week resembling something of a warm-up act for followers of BUCS football, with barely a blade of grass being disturbed by much other than raindrops, this weekend’s offering gave our writers a lot more to chew over. From former greats continuing their plunge into uniball mediocrity, to potential division title races turning on a sixpence, there was plenty to think about as we put together our Power Rankings this week:

  1. The Sabres really have hit rock bottom

Well, maybe rock bottom is a bit much. With Huddersfield and Hull still holding inferior overall records to Sheffield, as well as having lost to the Sabres, it’s unlikely that the former Premier division side are under threat of undergoing back-to-back relegations. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to understate just how far this team has fallen in the space of not even a year. To compound their misery, a 31-0 defeat to a team who could barely beat Staffordshire at the start of last season completes a massive comedown for the men from the Steel City.

2. The South 2A just got very tasty

Unable to show their relative prowess in the South division by way of anything other than their 6-0 overtime win against Portsmouth in November, the Brunel Burners rode high in our division two power rankings on the back of a somewhat cushy schedule as much as anything else. Its hard to explain a turnaround as extreme as the 34-0 Portsmouth victory at Brunel this Sunday, but a sense of complacency on the part of the Burners is definitely feasible. Whatever the reason for Brunel’s collapse on Sunday, it has definitely flipped the postseason race and Brunel will now be reliant on the unlikely occurrence of the Destroyers running aground against either BNU or the Chichester Spitfires to give the formerly #1 ranked Division Two team a shot at promotion rather than being consigned to another season in the basement tier.

3. Just how bad is the Midlands 2A?

The Midlands region was once the talk of the town – with the pre-re-structural years featuring powerhouses like Birmingham and Loughborough in the old Midlands Athletic Conference, and a host of competitive teams in NTU, Warwick and Nottingham making the Midlands division a reputable force last season. However, this off-season’s restructure has finally created a Midlands division that really doesn’t cut the mustard. Wiith social media-enamored Northampton getting their backsides handed them to by a team in DMU who literally refused to play at the end of last season, to Coventry beating Leicester by just a single point at the weekend – its becoming increasingly clear that there isn’t much to shout about in this division. The Jets will likely make the playoffs from this division – but we reckon their chances of being promoted in the win-and-in game are extremely slim right now.

4. We’re still on track for 7%!

One of our pre-season surprise picks claimed that just 7% of games this season across the BUCS pyramid would be postponed due to the weather. This rare glimmer of sunny optimism, as well as a very un-British confidence in the stability of our country’s notoriously fluctuating weather system, did indeed look rather unlikely as the flood warnings rolled out. Our call, however, is still on track!

…So long as pretty much no more games are postponed for the rest of the season.

With nearly three quarters of the postponements coming from third tier games, where a lack of game day preparation is often as much to blame as the elements, here at DC towers we are hopeful that that percentage continues to drop as the spring months roll around so long as certain outfits get their act together. You know who you are. Do Better!.