Yet Another Fraud Warning: American Football Academy – UK

Unfortunately, we’re here once more to provide you with yet another warning about some potentially unscrupulous folk attempting to part you and your hard-earned cash all in the name of supposed developments in British American football.

We’re talking about American Football Academy – UK, and specifically, their Crowdfunder campaign to raise £600,000 for “two bespoke state of the art American Football Academies in England (North West and South East) for club’s and individual’s to use”. The grammatical errors are their own…

Using preliminary renderings of UCLA’s Wasserman Football Center as representative of their vision, and boasting the NFL’s shield logo as their avatar, it’s obvious from the beginning that there’s something off about this whole thing.


After an eagle-eyed reader sent this link to us, and we’d seen reports of a Robbie Parker messaging assorted members of the community from this Instagram page, we were naturally intrigued, and started to poke around the internet’s deepest and hardest to reach corners. Funnily enough, we couldn’t find any reference to this American Football Academy outside of their own Crowdfunder page.

Their campaign promises backers rewards ranging from t-shirts, to free use of a football-specific gym, to five years access all areas for your team. The rewards cost anywhere between £10 and £10,000.

No apparent reason to use the NFL logo, no references to this ambitious project on the web AND none of our well-informed staff had heard anything about it? We smell something fishy.

What is important to note is that they have opted for “flexible funding”, which means even if they don’t hit their lofty £600,000 goal, they’ll keep any cash pledged to them when their campaign finishes on the 25th May.

Now, it’s a little different to the usual “we’ll pay you to play for us if you pay the registration fee” tactic that we’re all unfortunately used to in Britball, but it’s another one to be wary of. The cash for a scheme this grand would likely not be raised through crowdfunding, and to say the least, £600,000 is a shockingly low amount for what they are promising. It’s worth noting that the Wasserman Center in their image cost £32,000,000 to build.

Our advice to you, sigh, once more? Steer clear of this one.



Gareth Thomas

Gareth has played for the Birmingham Bulls and Sandwell Steelers, and as a frustrated offensive play-maker craves only the sweet rush that comes with interceptions. He joined Double Coverage at the request of Rob Amor and is only here until he's picked up by ESPN or Sports Illustrated.