BUCS 1A North

Welcome to the BUCS Division One North Conference

The most geographically spread of the Uniball Conferences outside the top tier, teams in the 1A North will have to be prepared to play despite painfully early starts to their gameday Sundays.

Hull and Glasgow in particular each face gruelling 500+ mile round trips to face off against one another.

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Team W L T PFor PAgt Pts
Northumbria Mustangs 4 1 0 112 56 8
Newcastle Raiders 2 0 0 44 27 4
Edinburgh Napier Knights 2 2 0 59 18 4
Hull Sharks 2 3 0 65 103 4
Glasgow Tigers 0 4 0 27 103 0

Meet the Conference Correspondent

1A North Correspondent - Pete Laird

Pete has been involved since Football since the beginning of time. Some say he is older than the wind itself, but like a gridiron Dorian Gray retains the boyish good looks and charm of a young George Clooney in his ER days.
We asked Pete to summarise his history in the game… we’re thinking of turning it into a novel.