Welcome to the League! Darlington Steam and Inverclyde Goliaths Successfully Complete Associate Process

The British American Football Association have shared the names of the two teams that successfully complete the 2018 Associate Process, and will be joining the Adult Contact BAFA National Leagues in 2019 - the Darlington Steam, and the Inverclyde Goliaths!

BAFA are yet to release the finalised format for the bottom tier of the British game, while they waited to confirm which programmes successfully complete the associate process.

Expectations are the Inverclyde Goliaths will be a much-needed addition to Scottish football in the National Leagues at a Division Two level, as following the promotion of the Aberdeen Roughnecks and folding of the West Coast Trojans, the 2018 iteration of the NFC 2 North was down to just two remaining programmes!

Meanwhile the Steam, based out of Darlington, County Durham, would most likely find themselves in the NFC 2 Central - but all three conferences could yet be significantly rejigged in preparation for the 2019 season.

Per BritishAmericanFootball.org:

BAFA are pleased to announce that two new teams will enter the Adult Contact League this year having successfully negotiated their way through the associate entry process.

The Darlington Steam and Inverclyde Goliaths are the successful duo and they will get to know each other better as the 2019 season progresses as they both land in the NFC2 North Division.

National League Associate process manager Richard Colin commented: “Both teams have done really well to pass through the process and we believe they will be excellent additions to the League.”

Operations Director Steve Rains added: “The arrival of these two teams into the league is very timely to make up a very competitive NFC2 North alongside Clyde Valley, Dumfries and Carlisle. They’ve both earned their places and we are pleased to welcome them in.”

The 2019 process will open in the new year for league entry in 2020.

Please contact Richard Colin at [email protected] for further information regarding the process for entering youth, junior, adult and women’s contact teams.





Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1