Partnerships and Advertising

As Double Coverage continues to grow we’re looking to increase the ways we’re able to work with carefully chosen partners to offer a range of highly relevant products and services to our audience of British American Football players and fans.

Over the past five years, has placed itself in the unique position of having direct access to the largest and most engaged audience of British American Football players, coaches and enthusiasts.

In recent months we have moved to becoming a full time, seven days a week provider of content and coverage focused upon British American Football – resulting in us seeing new, higher, levels of engagement and sustained growth, despite our niche audience.

As the popularity of American Football in the UK continues to grow, with the likes of the NFL and the Jacksonville Jaguars continuing to up their investment in the development of the sport in the UK, DC are in a prime position to be the hub of an ever-expanding community – a trusted and experienced voice that places the best interests of the sport itself at the core of its ideology.

To that end, we’ve put together the following selection of partnership opportunities available to suitable businesses and organisations that we feel offer products or services that are of clear benefits to our sport’s ever-growing community.

As we continue to develop our content and website, we expect our range of partnership options to also expand and are always looking for new and innovative ways to work with partners to increase awareness of quality products and services within the British American Football community.


The current options are based upon receiving ~140,000 page views per month/ 1.6million views per year, a figure which continues to grow, with a Facebook reach of around 100,000 people per month. Further analytics are available upon request.


Banner Advertisements

A simple but effective way of reaching the core of DC’s audience, we have a range of ways you can get you can increase brand awareness and get your message out there to the British American Football community.

Whether you’re looking to reach all of DC’s audience, or wish to particularly focus upon a specific facet of the British game, our banner packages can ensure your target audience see your message.

As such, while most will prefer to have their banners visible to all of DC’s audience, we also have the option for partners to choose particular categories of content they may wish to focus upon, divided into our content categories of University, Adult, Women’s, U19, U17 and Coaching.


Mid Content Banner Advert

£400 per month

Ensure you reach the widest possible audience by including your banner in ALL of DC’s content.

Sidebar Banner

£300 per month

Providing greater flexibility in the content of your advertisement, a sidebar banner allows you to reach ALL of DC’s audience – every post, every page – including the home page. Great for increasing brand awareness with an attention grabbing advertisement.


Sponsored Content and Promotional Articles

A great way to ensure your audience engages with what you have to offer is to directly relay the benefits of your product/service through content designed to educate, advise, or amuse, while also directing the reader to your target destination.

Help the British American Football community understand why what you’re offering is important to their enjoyment of the sport.

Hosting and sharing of one-off content piece promoting your product/service - £50

We would also suggest producing a series of promotional pieces, to ensure consistent engagement – just get in touch to discuss format and costs.


Bespoke content

If you’re not sure about the best way to engage with your target audience, or perhaps don’t have the time or available expertise to create the content you wish to share with the British American Football Community, #TeamDC are here to help.

We can produce copy, graphics or even videos to your unique specifications – providing you with quality content designed to appeal directly to DC’s key demographics.

Clearly the huge variation in creative content our partners might wish to create means set prices wouldn’t really suit here, so please get in touch to discuss your goals and ideas.

We can also look to engage with partners on some bespoke content on a quid pro quo basis. This works particularly well with competitions, where you provide the prize and DC provides the exposure.


Partnership Package

£500 per month

If you want to ensure maximum engagement and reach, our partnership package allows you to take a multi-pronged approach to increasing awareness of your great products or services!

With a significant discount in terms of per-item costs, the Partnership Package provides the consistent proliferation of your message through banner advertisements, with direct audience engagement through promotional content.

Essentially, our Partnership Package allows you to work with DC to uniquely tailor how we share your message with the British American Football community, and find the best ways to reach your goal.

Alongside a mid-content banner advertisement placed within all DC’s articles, we’ll work with you to select and deliver those opportunities noted above that can best support your message delivery on a weekly basis – be that promotional content, or competitions, or social media plugs.

What’s more, and perhaps most importantly of all, as a true partner of Double Coverage, you’ll be joining us in our drive to grow the game in the UK and all the connotations and opportunities that this entails!


If you have selected the promotional opportunity you’d like to work with Double Coverage on, or wish to further discuss ideas/possibilities, please get in touch with DC’s Company Director, Nick Wilson-Town, at:

Tel: +44 7843479878

Email: [email protected]


We’re hoping to increase the range of opportunities we can offer to partners, but in the meantime we’d like to thank you for expressing interest in partnering with Double Coverage and supporting the growth of the British American Football Community.