Oxford Saints announce new uniform

Back in the 80’s Deion Sanders gave us the immortal quote “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good”, and although no one playing under BAFA gets paid that’s no reason why we can’t style it out on the field. This morning the Oxford Saints announced their new kit, and it looks like they’ve given their players a firm foundation on which to build their on field style. All photos obtained from Oxford Saints and Richard-Wakefield Photography.

After a week of teasers aimed at building interest for the final reveal, demonstrating that their committee has a fair amount of social media savvy, the Oxford Saints have finally released their new look for 2017. The jerseys were sourced from Alpha, as were the white jerseys used for their 2014-2016 campaigns, and they’ve moved away from gold to navy pants. It definitely looks like someone in the Saints camp took our Best Uniform 2016 list to heart, as their new kit looks very similar to that worn by our winner; although this could also be down to the influence of their own GB Lions hopefuls, James Walter and George Wright who are seen below modelling the new kit.

Oxford Saints players model the new kit (Tony Glover, James Walter, George Wright, Dave McCormack, and Dean Bryan)

With the new kit, and a lack of smiles, the Saints do look fierce heading in to their first Division 1 season since the 2015 realignment but they’ll face some stiff competition who may have spent this offseason spending more time on playing better than looking better.

Oxford Saints running backs James Walter and Tony Glover



Chris Fox

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