Interested in joining #TeamDC?

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to help grow the game of British American Football, or just want an outlet through which to share thoughts and ideas about the sport, Double Coverage is always happy to hear from those with a passion for British American Football.

You can find information about positions for which we are currently recruiting at dblcoverage.com/apply, or if you’re perhaps just interested in producing a piece for our Guest Writer column you can get in touch at editor@dblcoverage.com with any suggestions or ideas you might have.

Otherwise, here you can find information about current #TeamDC members, their history with the Britball Nation and how you can get in touch with them.


Nick Wilson-Town
In 2016 Nick had the probably rather silly idea that British American Football was ready for a renaissance. Having written for DC for the better part of five years, Nick quit his job and purchased DC from its original owners with the goal of making it a legitimate media outlet for the sport of British American Football, aiming to broach the gap between the Britball Nation and the wider British Sporting audience.
Rob Amor
BAFANL Lead Editor & Uniball Columns Editor
Rob somehow fits Britball around a hectic life of work, newborns, and rare, blissful, moments of quiet in which to nap. Rob stepped down from the Birmingham Bulls committee at the end of 2016 and walked away after 10 years at the club. He leads DC's Adult league coverage and has the very rare trait of actually being a rather nice guy when it comes to working with others in the Britball Nation...
Gareth Thomas
Senior Editorials Writer
Gareth joined Double Coverage in 2016 at the request of an increasingly child-rearing Rob Amor, after writing for the Birmingham Bulls website. Unable to keep his rambling predictions under five hundred words, he's taken the role of Senior Editorials Writer to create the longer pieces that delve into the greater depths of Britball.


Charlie Coe
Division Two Borders Correspondent & Predictions Editor
Charlie joined #TeamDC last year and with aspirations of pursuing a career in journalism this year has stepped up to the rather thankless task of editing the weekly BUCS American Football Predictions. If he could make each prediction say BOTH teams were going to win to stop people getting irked by the regular irreverence of our writing staff, he would, 'cos he's just a nice guy like that.
Thomas Snee
Premier North Conference Correspondent
A former local news journalist, Tom has been involved with Double Coverage on and off since shortly after it launched in 2011. Having started his kitted football journey with Huddersfield Hawks in 2007, he played wide receiver for four National League teams before joining the Mansfield Honey Badgers flag team in 2013.
Frankie Pankhurst
BUCS Premiership South Conference Correspondent
Frankie is the bad boy of Britball. If there's controversy somewhere? Odds are Frankie started it. He caught a ball once and bought himself a 17th place Championship Ring as a reward. When he's not stirring the pot, he's actually quite a good lineman and has kept the DC ship afloat through Uniball in previous years.
Pete Laird
BUCS 1A North Conference Correspondent
Pete has been involved in Football since the beginning of time. Some say he is older than the wind itself, but like a gridiron Dorian Gray retains the boyish good looks and charm of a young George Clooney in his ER days. We asked Pete to summarise his history in the game... we're thinking of turning it into a novel.
Nathan Sharrocks
BUCS 1A Midlands Conference Correspondent
Nathan is a DC old-boy, joining the team shortly after formation in 2011. Originally coming on board as an NFL writer, Nathan quickly got involved with BAFANL coverage before starting and running the groundbreaking coverage of the Irish Leagues. After a couple of years away, and tinkering in various projects, he is back to add his obscure knowledge of North West football to the DC ranks.
JJ Segarty
BUCS 1A South Conference Correspondent
Beginning his foray into sports journalism, JJ joined Double Coverage in the 2016-17 season as the 1A South Correspondent. A fan of football for over a decade, JJ's short history in Britball includes coaching at Plymouth Blitz where he worked with the quarterbacks and was special teams coordinator. Previously worked for Ridge Lightning Youth Cheer and Football, Florida, where he was an assistant coach during the summer away from university.
Craig Proto
BUCS 1A South West Conference Correspondent
Craig is one of the new faces within the DC team this year. He’s been involved with Britball since 2008 when he joined the University of Plymouth. He became a positional coach on the team in 2013 and the head coach starting in 2014 for two seasons until work commitments moved him away. Still wanting to be involved in the game he loves, Craig will now focus on the reporting side instead of the coaching. He needs his football fix.
Hassan Rashed
BUCA 1A South East Conference Correspondent
Hassan is coming into his third year with Team DC after joining back in 2014, contributing regularly to predictions for Uniball and occasionally to Senior Ball. He has been playing since 2013, representing and captaining the King’s College Regents until 2016, managing to earn a trial for the GB Students team despite being regularly described as the “smallest lineman in the country”.
Andy Loch
BUCS 2A North Conference Correspondent
Originally from Scotland, Andy has lived all over England since moving south, finally ending up in Leeds. He has been playing for Leeds Beckett Carnegie since 2012 and will be joining Leeds Bobcats for #Britball17. Involved with DC since March '16, Andy wrote articles ahead of the Leeds Varsity fixture before joining the team to contribute to the highly successful International Weekend streams from Sixways Stadium, Worcester.
Rose Wilford
BUCS 2A Midlands Conference Correspondent
Rose is new to DC this year but has been involved in Britball for the past five years, she helped the Northampton Nemesis in their first BUAFL season and spent her three years at university as the team's Game Day Manager. After Uni Rose has continued to be an avid fan of Uniball, regularly still attending match ups.
Lydon Ward-Best
BUCS 2A South West Conference Correspondent
Lydon joins Team DC for the first time. He has been playing since 2005 . 7 years of Uni ball at the Plymouth Blitz followed by senior stints at Plymouth Admirals, Oxford Saints, Bristol Aztecs,Bristol Apache and a brief stint in Germany with Saarland Hurricanes. A previous All DC Offensive Lineman Lydon is now a player/coach at Bristol Apache and OL coach at Exeter University.


Luke Plastow
Consultant Editor
DC will be phasing in full coverage of the Women's game this season. As Head Coach of the Hertfordshire Tornadoes, Luke kindly stepped up this year to provide DC with his great insights into the fastest growing facet of the Britball Nation.
Affy Afia
Sapphire Division One South Correspondent
Claudie Allan
Sapphire Division Two South & East Correspondent
Jo Kilby
Sapphire Division One North Correspondent
Libby Davoren
Sapphire Division Two North & West Correspondent
I've been playing American Football since 2014. I was convinced to attend a session with the Sandwell Steelers by one of my friends and I've been hooked ever since. I am ALLLL about the Defense! I love to play the game but what makes this sport extra special is the amazing football family I've gained with my team! #SteelerFamilia
Phoebe Schechter
Sapphire Division One North Correspondent
Tash Crump
Division Two North & West Correspondent
Verity Anne Brawn
Division One North Correspondent
Verity has been involved in Football for nearly a decade; starting as game day manager for Manchester Titans then stepping up to be the driving force behind Titans U19s and U17s programme. She first kitted up for Titans Adult Flag team in 2014 before being among the original women on the Titans’ Ladies roster. Verity's also earned a place on Northern Blizzard team for Diamond 11 v 11 series playing offensive line. When she has a spare moment from playing and being Team Manager. Verity can be found being a member of BAFA’s Game Day Team for their national and international games, including the International Weekend at Sixways Stadium, Worcester.