The Women’s Game – World Here We Come!

The UK Women's game is the one of the most impressive facets of British American football. Women's American football displayed an 80% growth between 2015 and 2016, and the young and talented GB Lions team have made an immediate impact on the international scene - placing second in the 2015 European Championships and with their eyes firmly set on making a trip to the World Championships if the opportunity presents itself!

The Women's season is broken up into several 'series' that allow programmes to develop their teams through the differing formats of football played in the UK.

The season begins in October with the Opal Series, five-a-side flag football. 2016 has seen 19 entrants to the Opal, with new teams joining the fray while more established programmes shift their focus solely to contact football.

Next up is the Sapphire Series, running from February to April and consisting of five-a-side and seven-a-side full contact football - split across two tiers. Developing programmes build their rosters through five on five, while the more established programmes enter the sevens tier. This Series represents the National Championship of women's contact football.

Finally comes the Diamond series, providing players with the opportunity for 11-a-side full contact, Players are drafted from the Sapphire Series teams and from wider development days to one of two teams - the Red Diamonds or the Blue Diamonds. The teams then play each other over three games to determine a Diamond Series champion.

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