BAFA National Leagues Predictions – Division Two: SFC Quarter Finals
BAFA National Leagues Predictions – Division Two: NFC Quarter Finals
American Football Development LTD - Taking the game to a wider playing audience
#TuesdayTally - Week Eighteen: Final Results
Division Two Postseason Fixtures!
The Adult League – The Heart of Britball

Welcome to the BAFA National Leagues, the core, open-to-all, format of the British game and home of the National Championship - the Britbowl.

The Britbowl reached its 30th year in 2016, with the London Warriors cementing their place atop the British American Football hierarchy with a fourth straight Britbowl victory over the London Blitz - this one in the most convincing fashion to date.

Are any teams ready to challenge the dominance of the Warriors as we enter our thirty-first season?

With the league's three tiers starting to show growth once again, new programmes emerging each season, who will be the next up-and-coming youngbloods to challenge the status quo?

Fixtures, Results and Standings
The BAFA National League Adult Conferences

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