BUCS 1A South

Welcome to the BUCS Division One South Conference

The 1A South looks likely to be one of the most hotly contested conferences in Uniball this season as the four of the five teams entering the rejigged conference boasted a combined record of 27 wins to only 5 losses last season.

The conference welcomes Portsmouth to the middle tier - the the one-time College Bowl winning Destroyers earned themselves promotion in 2015/16 and will both be looking to continue their momentum into a new year, and a new tier.

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Team W L T PFor PAgt Points
Portsmouth Destroyers (C) 8 0 0 127 39 16
Surrey Stingers (X) 6 2 0 138 101 12
Reading Knights (X) 3 5 0 93 100 6
Sussex Saxons 3 5 0 108 135 6
Brighton Tsunami (R) 0 8 0 30 131 0

Meet the Conference Correspondent

1A South Correspondent – JJ Segarty

Beginning his foray into sports journalism, JJ joined Double Coverage in the 2016-17 season as the 1A South Correspondent. A fan of football for over a decade, JJ’s short history in Britball includes coaching at Plymouth Blitz where he worked with the quarterbacks and was special teams coordinator. Previously worked for Ridge Lightning Youth Cheer and Football, Florida, where he was an assistant coach during the summer away from university.