Patrick Daley Joins Hannover Spartans - GB Lions/Tamworth Phoenix Star Headed to Germany for 2019

One of the best-known names in the Britball Nation in recent seasons, Quarterback Patrick Daley will not be returning for the Premiership North Champions Tamworth Phoenix in 2019 as the University of Nottingham alum has announced a move to the GFL 2’s Hannover Spartans this coming February.

Daley emerged in recent seasons as a stand-out baller, leading both his University and National league outfits in incredibly successful campaigns, including five straight undefeated regular seasons (two University, three NL) and two National Championships (BUCS D1 and Britbowl XXXI).

Daley headed up the GB QB corps when they headed to Finland for the IFAF European Championships this past summer.

His accolades include Britbowl XXXI MVP, as well as the Britball Nation Player of the Year 2017, and he joins an Arminia Spartans side on the rise after earning promotion to GFL 2 at the end of their 2018 campaign, besting the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes II 48-9 in the Regionalliga Nord final in 2018.

Daley shared with

“I’m incredibly looking forward to playing for the Spartans in this strong league. Especially in a team that still has a winning mentality of the last year. I got the impression that the Spartans have a fantastic HC and a very good organization as such.”

Per the article, Daley was recommended to the Spartans after trialling for a GFL 1 outfit, so given time to continue to upgrade his game we could yet see the GB star balling in the top league in Europe!

What will this mean the for Tamworth Phoenix, however, who’ll now enter 2019 without their totemic star under centre?

The Phoenix earned their first National Championship in 2017, and have completed three straight undefeated Premiership North campaigns thanks to Daley’s dynamic dual-threat play.





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