Power Rankings | BUCS 2018/19 Week Three: Division Two

The BUCS season is upon us, and so our Power Rankings return along with your opportunity to have your say on how things stack up across the three tiers of the University game!

We’re collating this year’s rankings via the highly successful format used this past summer - polling not only our own team of BUCS correspondents but also giving all of our passionate Patreon supporters the opportunity to determine how these rankings stack up!

Each contributor submitted their own picks of who’s top dogs in each tier, and then we tallied it all up to create these amalgamated rankings!

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With the most teams to compete for just ten spots, it’s expected we’re gonna see some big shifts week-in-week-out in the Division Two rankings.

With an almost complete slate of fixtures in Week Three, we see two new additions to the Division Two Rankings:


Lancaster Bombers - The Bombers were blown up in Week Three - not the first team to fall afoul of the Gryphons and lose their rankings spot!

KCL Regents - The Regents offence stuttered against the Saxons at the weekend, and their loss also results in the loss of their rankings spot. With their fixture versus BNU not going ahead, they’ll need to wait a while before getting a shot at returning to the rankings.

Honourable Mentions:

The York Centurions came up just short of the rankings once again - they’re 2-0, but it seems our pollsters are looking for a more convincing result from the Centurions to see them breach the rankings.


10. Lincoln Colonials (New Entry)

New helmets and a new lease of life for the Lincoln Colonials - they dominated in their first outing of the season with a big win over the Chester Legion.

They’ll need results to go their way to hold onto their spot however, as they head to a bye before facing MMU in Week Five.


9. Liverpool Raptors (Re-Entry)

The Raptors re-enter the rankings following an impressive victory over the MudDogs. The victory all but calls to a close Bangors’ potential as contenders in the conference, and suddenly Liverpool look to have postseason potential once again!


8. Royal Holloway Bears (Down Two)

Back to back postponements sees the Bears continue to slip down the rankings. Hoping the momentum from their Week One win remains with them, Royal Holloway take on the KCL Regents in a crucial-looking fixture in Week Five.


7. Essex Blades (Up One)

The Blades weren’t in action in Week Three, but the Pythons’ big win over the Phoenix certainly makes Essex’s own performance in Week Two look all the more impressive.

They host UEL this Sunday - another chance to prove they deserve their spot in the top ten.


6. Bristol Barracuda (Up One)


‘Cuda might well have climbed a good deal higher after their second win of the season, but they let the Lancers right back into the game in the fourth quarter - what was a near-twenty-point lead reduced to a mere four points by the final whistle!

We’ll see a crucial showdown this weekend, as they host the similarly undefeated OBU Panthers on Sunday.


5. HWU Wolverines (Down One)

The Wolverines leapt into the rankings last weekend following their big win over the Pyros, but slide a little despite their second win of the season - a tougher-than-many-expected test against the YSJ Jaguars who could yet cause an upset this season!

Heriot Watt head to a bye, before a key fixture versus the Predators in Week Five.


4. Edinburgh Predators (Down One)

The Predators justified our pollsters’ faith in them with their big win over the Spartans last Sunday - and yet slide a spot?

Still, it’s no fault of their own as others had perhaps even more impressive wins in Week Three!


3. Worcester Royals (Up Six)

The Royals rocket up the rankings following a dominant outing against the Bulldogs! They certainly seem to be enjoying their new home in the South West, currently tied at the top of the table with the Barracuda and Panthers.

They take on the Gladiators this Sunday, in a local rivalry game that looks even more meaningful now Worcester right in the race for a playoff spot.


2. OBU Panthers ( = )

OBU remain in second following a weekend off. Their toughest test of the year so far comes this weekend as they take on the Bristol Barracuda.

1. Leeds Gryphons ( = )

A dominant victory over the Bombers has locked Leeds into the top spot - and by some margin!

Even so, they head to two straight byes, so will want results to go their way to hold onto it - they next face Aberystwyth in Week Six.









Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1