BUCS 1A Midlands

Welcome to the BUCS Division One Midlands Conference

The one-time Midlands Athletic Conference has produced some of the most consistent programmes in Uniball - so consistent in fact that most of them have since departed the conference for the lofty heights of the Premiership Conferences.

With the likes of Birmingham, Loughborough and Nottingham Trent no longer holding sway, which programme will emerge to steal the vacant Midlands throne?

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Team W L T PFor PAgt Pts
Nottingham American Football (C) 8 0 0 311 53 16
NTU Renegades (PO) 6 2 0 205 73 12
Leicester Longhorns 3 5 0 122 174 6
Warwick Wolves 2 6 0 62 211 4
Staffordshire Stallions (R) 1 7 0 45 233 2

Meet the Conference Correspondent

1A Midlands Correspondent – Nathan Sharrocks

Nathan is a DC old-boy, joining the team shortly after formation in 2011. Originally coming on board as an NFL writer, Nathan quickly got involved with BAFANL coverage before starting and running the groundbreaking coverage of the Irish Leagues. After a couple of years away, and tinkering in various projects, he is back to add his obscure knowledge of North West football to the DC ranks.