BUCS Premiership South

Welcome to the BUCS Premiership South Conference

The Premiership South boasts the current reigning National Champions, the Birmingham Lions, along with the most successful University football programme of all time - the Hertfordshire Hurricanes.

Of course, the rest of the conference are far from also-rans: The Bath Killer Bees sport some of the finest sports facilities in the league, while the Kingston Cougars turned heads last year when they opened their season with a win over the Hurricanes. Newcomers to the Premiership, the Swansea Titans enter their inaugural season in the top tier as one of the real up-and-coming programmes in Uniball, with great momentum thanks to their prolonged 2015/16 season that saw them lift the Division One Championship, coming into the year on the back of a 12-game winning streak.

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Team W L T PFor PAgt Pts
Birmingham Lions (C) 7 1 0 277 156 14
Hertfordshire Hurricanes (PO) 6 2 0 205 133 12
Swansea Titans (PO) 3 (4) 3 0 180 (196) 121 6
Portsmouth Destroyers (PO) 2 4 (5) 0 102 127 (143) 4
Bath Killer Bees (R) 0 8 0 32 212 0

Meet the Conference Correspondent

BUCS Premiership South Correspondent – Frankie Pankhurst

Frankie is the bad boy of Britball. If there’s controversy somewhere? Odds are Frankie started it.
He caught a ball once and bought himself a 17th place Championship Ring as a reward.

When he’s not stirring the pot, he’s actually quite a good lineman and has kept the DC ship afloat through Uniball in previous years.