BUCS Standings

Premiership North
Derby Braves 000000
Durham Saints 000000
Leeds Beckett Carnegie 000000
Stirling Clansmen 000000
University of Nottingham000000
Premiership South
Birmingham Lions 000000
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 000000
Portsmouth Destroyers 000000
Swansea Titans 000000
UWE Bullets080000
1A North
Edinburgh Napier Knights 000000
Glasgow Tigers000000
Hull Sharks 000000
Newcastle Raiders000000
Northumbria Mustangs 000000
1A Yorkshire
LJMU Fury 000000
Manchester Tyrants000000
Sheffield Sabres 000000
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 000000
UCLAN Rams 000000
1A Midlands
Coventry Jets000000
Leicester Longhorns000000
Loughborough Students000000
NTU Renegades 000000
Warwick Wolves000000
1A South West
Bath Killer Bees000000
Cardiff Cobras000000
Exeter Demons000000
Plymouth Blitz 000000
Southampton Stags080000
1A South
Brighton Panthers000000
Brunel Burners 000000
Kingston Cougars 000000
Reading Knights000000
Surrey Stingers000000
1A South East
Canterbury Chargers000000
Imperial Immortals000000
Kent Falcons 000000
QMBL Vipers000000
UEA Pirates 000000
2A Borders
Edinburgh Predators 000000
HWU Wolverines000000
Sunderland Spartans000000
Teesside Cougars 000000
UWS Pyros000000
York Centurions000000
YSJ Jaguars000000
2A North
Bangor MudDogs 000000
Bradford Bears 000000
Edge Hill Vikings 000000
Lancaster Bombers000000
Leeds Gryphons000000
Liverpool Raptors 000000
Tarannau Aberystwyth 000000
2A Midlands
Chester Legion00000
DMU Falcons000000
Huddersfield Hawks 000000
Keele Crusaders000000
Lincoln Colonials000000
MMU Eagles000000
Staffordshire Stallions000000
2A South West
Bath Spa Bulldogs000000
Bournemouth Bobcats 000000
Bristol Barracuda000000
Gloucestershire Gladiators 000000
OBU Panthers000000
Oxford Lancers000000
Solent Redhawks000000
Worcester Royals000000
2A South
BNU Buccaneers000000
Chichester Spitfires000000
City Wolfpack000000
Greenwich Mariners000000
KCL Regents 000000
RHUL Bears 000000
Sussex Saxons000000
UCL Emperors 000000
2A South East
ARU Rhinos000000
Cambridge Pythons000000
Essex Blades000000
UEL Phoenix 000000


(C) – Conference Champion

(PO) – Has secure playoffs

(R) – Locked into relegation

(+) – Walkover/Forfeit awarded

(-) – Walkover/Forfeit ceded

† – Denotes participation in doubleheader matchup. Score totals without double-counting in brackets.

* – Denotes team may have fixture result still awaiting confirmation