BUCS 1A Midlands

Welcome to the BUCS Division One Midlands Conference

The one-time Midlands Athletic Conference has produced some of the most consistent programmes in Uniball - so consistent in fact that most of them have since departed the conference for the lofty heights of the Premiership Conferences.

This year sees longtime Uniball Powerhouse, Loughborough, return to the middle tier, rekindling a long rivalry with an NTU Renegades side that were otherwise looking like favourites to dominate the conference.

Still, newcomers the Coventry Jets are coming in off the back of back to back Division Two Regional Titles and look set to shake things up, while both the Wolves and Longhorns are more than capable of mixing things up in this talented conference.

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Team W L T PFor PAgt Pts
Loughborough Students 4 1 0 96 39 8
NTU Renegades 4 1 0 101 64 8
Coventry Jets 2 2 0 67 69 4
Warwick Wolves 1 3 0 31 78 2
Leicester Longhorns 0 4 0 54 99 0